Setting up your account

Create a PalPlanner account on and verify your e-mail address. You can then play the game using different methods:

  • You can go to and play the game using the lightweight client.
  • You can search for the group RPG Public, join it and start playing from there.
  • You can also start a new group, invite your friends and play together.

Hint: If you are using a PalPlanner channel named RPG you can omit prepending commands with /rpg.

Gameplay Guide


Start with typing the command create. Your character is created and starts out in room Hub. You can view your character information using the command stats. If you forget a command type help.

Move to the room Portal using command move Portal and then to Forest_1A using move Forest_1A. You can always get information about connected rooms using command room and you can escape rooms you become stuck in using move Portal escape (assuming room Portal is adjacent to your current room).

Use the command see to list the characters currently present in Forest_1A. You should see Critter_A among them. Inspect the monster using inspect Critter_A to view its character information. Target this character using target Critter_A and then attack to fight the monster.

After the monster is defeated you can use the command stats again to view your HP.

If you took damage you can use move Portal, learn recover and finally skill recover to fully restore your HP and MP. If you did not lose HP you can use room to see that Forest_1B is connected to Forest_1A and then move Forest_1B to continue fighting monsters. Be careful of wandering too far into the dungeon at lower levels though as you will have to make your way back to Portal the same way you came.

Use a HP- and MP pots to increase your HP and MP respectively using the commands use hp-pot 1 or use mp-pot 1. A pot refills 10 points and if you want to refill 50 HP you could use the command use hp-pot 5.

Use the command day once every 24 hours to start a new day and restore stamina, HP and MP of all players on the server. Only one player has to do this per day.


When using the command see you may find items laying in the room such as Wooden_Sword#7. Use the command pick Wooden_Sword#7 to pick it up. Then use equip Wooden_Sword#7 to equip it as a weapon. You can unequip it using unequip weapon and drop it in your current room using drop Wooden_Sword#7. There are four different types of items: weapon, armor, legs and cape each occupying one slot on your character.

You can improve the stats of an item using the forge command e.g. forge Wooden_Sword#7. The price for doing so increases with the level of the item i.e. 200g, 400g, 600g, … and the effect of the forging decreases every time you do it. It is therefore recommended to forge all your items to Lv.2 before forging them any further.

You may set up unequipped weapons for sale using using sell Wooden_Sword#7 100 to sell it for 100g. To buy items from characters you first use the command inspect Merchant_A to see which items it has for sale, then target Merchant_A and finally buy Wooden_Shield#9 for example (Merchant_A is located in room Shop). You can also buy HP- and MP pots using buy hp-pot 5 or similar.

Every level you gain one SP which can be used to learn spells. Use command spells to view your current amount of SP, your current spells and learnable spells. Type learn heal to learn the spell heal and finally cast heal to use the spell heal on your targeted character (can be yourself, another player or even monsters). Use command spells reset to regain all SP (you can do this every 10th level).

You can pick one of three classes using the command class warrior, class thief or class mage. Warriors get a bonus to ATK and DEF, thieves to SPD and EVD. Mages get INT as well as a boost to all magic resistances.


Buy pets in room Pet-garden using command buy pet Dog_PET#111 for example. The pet will follow you around and grant stat bonuses. To improve the pet, first target it and then use the command feed Wooden_Sword#222 or similar.

You can also yourself follow other characters using command follow Player2 to follow the character Player2. You cannot then move unless you use command unfollow.

To manually place CP you can use command stats auto off (turn it on again using stats auto on). When you level up and get new CP you can then use commands stats hp, stats mp, stats atk, stats def, stats evd, stats fire, stats water, stats ground, stats wind, stats light or stats dark to increase that specific stat.

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