Monsters can now attack you using spells! Watch out for spell damage as it can go right through your armor if you are unlucky.

A mini dungeon has been added to EDRO. It is called MUSHTRAIL and can be reached from the Portal. Make sure you have around 200 in each stat before you enter. It is also good to have equipment with resistances as these shrooms have magical abilities. 

The third dungeon (fourth if you count Mushtrail) FOREST 3 has been added. It requires a level of 12 to enter and contains various monsters with and without magical abilities and some really good loot at the end of it! 

I have added rooms FIELD A->Z which will take you to the next area of the game. I have experimented with random encounters in these rooms as a way to diversify gameplay.

I have added a following in function in the game so that you can create parties with your friends as you play. Use command follow x to follow character x and command unfollow to stop following. 

Multiple characters can follow a single character or a chain can be created when x is following y and y is following z. This function will greatly help players who want to play together and in the future I will add EXP sharing and other good stuff. 

Have a nice weekend! 🎉

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