More spells have been added to the game! Use the command spells to view them, learn fire to learn spell fire for example and spells reset to reset your SP. To attack monsters using spells you can either target them and then use cast fire or simply cast fire Critter_A to cast it directly on Critter_A.

Following are the spells to be learned:

  • Light spells cost 4 SP each: heal -> heala -> healu
  • Fire spells cost 3 SP each: fire -> fira -> firu
  • Water spells cost 3 SP each: water -> watra -> watru
  • Ground spells cost 3 SP each: ground -> grouda -> groudu
  • Wind spells cost 3 SP each: wind -> wida -> widu
  • Dark spells cost 5 SP each: harm -> harma -> harmu

Resistance-stats to elemental damage has been added along with the INT-stat. The INT-stat effects damage output while resistance stats increase defense against spells of different elements. More on that later!

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