Some minor fixes have been added to the game:

  • Improvements to the code and minor fixes.
  • Better descriptions in rooms of Forest 1.
  • Player max amount of pots have been limited to 50 as for now.
  • Players can now buy pots from Merchant_A in room Shop. Use the command buy mp-pot 3 or similar. Merchant_A gains between 1-9 pots of each type per day. HP pots costs 40g each and MP pots 80g each (this may change).
  • HP and MP is fully recovered each day. This will help players who are stuck in rooms.
  • The attack command now takes an optional parameter e.g. attack Critter_A so that you don’t have to target it before attacking.
  • For testers, a cheating function has been added to the game.
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