A forging system, pots and a tutorial has been added to the game!

You can now improve items by typing forge Wooden_Sword#3 for example to increase its level. The price for doing this increases with the level i.e. 200g, 400g, 600g, … and the effect weakens each time you do it. The formula for stat increase is stats + random(0, stats / itemlvl). Therefore it is best to forge your items to level 2 first and perhaps forge new weapons if you did not get good rolls on the first try.

HP and MP pots has also been added. They are dropped from monsters with a chance of 20% and 10% respectively and you start out with 10 of each. To use them in dungeons you should typ use hp 5 for example to use 5 HP pots giving you 50 HP.

Finally, a tutorial which I will continuously update is located at https://palplanner.com/blog/rpg-tutorial/. The link can also be acquired by typing the help command.


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